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Use One Management Interface to Manage Your Fleet of Devices

SafeUEM provides management for different brands of mobile devices running on Android , iOS and MacOS, Linux and Microsoft.

Android Enterprise
Windows Enterprise


Android devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and rugged devices.

Safe and Reliable Mobile Device Management Software

Protect company data through device security and policies With our complex security policy, SafeUEM will ensure your data security and prevent data leakage.

  • Password Policy
    Enable quick-to-deploy automated password policy enforcement and daily exposed password screening.
  • Compliance
    Make sure Android device integrity, security, and compliance with company security policy.
  • Kiosk
    IT engineer can lockdown a device into Kiosk mode.
  • Screen Shot
    Restrict employees from screenshots.
  • Wi-Fi Settings
    Push Wi-Fi settings to cooperate device.
  • Location service
    IT can tracking device location in real time.
  • Remote Wipe/Factory Reset
    Allow IT administrators to remote wipe/factory reset device to prevent data leakage.
  • Risk Monitoring
    Prevent risk such as exit from Kiosk Mode.
  • Asset Management
    Get all device assets information online.

Silent Application Distribution and Management

Deliver enterprise APP to mobile devices in bulk through our management centers and enterprise APP store. Applications on terminals can be installed, deleted and updated with or without customer intervention.

Remote Device Control for Troubleshooting of Mobile Devices

Solve various faults on mobile devices through the remote device control function. This function can save vital time and greatly lower costs.

Powerful Assets Management Tool

SafeUEM's dashboard is comprehensive, straightforward and efficient allowing administrator to quickly oversee their entire fleet of devices and device usage. Help enterprise companies effectively management details real-time.

Guarantee Compliance of Mobile Devices and Automatically Apply Specific Strategies to Prohibit the Violations

Partners can set behavior regulations for mobile devices based on enterprise requirements. Once registered, devices are enlisted in the control group, policies are then applied automatically and violators will be locked from replacing SIM cards, leaving the geo-fence area, or other forbidden actions.


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