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    Assets Management
    Content Management
    Cross-platform Management
    Dashboard & Reports
    Location Management
    Remote Support
    Security Management
    Assets Management
    Centralized Security Management
    Enterprise Mobility Management
    Kiosk Mode
    Technical Support Center

Supported Devices and Operating Systems

Flexible and Dependable: Manage any device, from anywhere, at any time.

  • Mobile Device Management
  • Rugged Device Management
  • Android Management
  • Windows Management
  • Apple Management

One Platform For Your Devices

  • Asset and Lifecycle Management

    SafeUEM provides a complete asset management system. With our unified AI technology makes product lifecycle management a breeze. SafeUEM's Asset, Lifecycle and Endpoint Management system brings high productivity to your company.

  • Simplified Mobility Management

    For business devices with different operating systems, provisioning, managing, and maintaining security is a challenge. SafeUEM provides usage visibility and streamlines IT control across devices and platforms.

  • Solutions for Your Growing Business

    SafeUEM effortless management of devices. Manage fast-growing device count, enable quick enrollment across your operations, and Geo locations of devices. Cost-effective management system supporting different devices across your portfolio.

  • Real-time Support

    Inclusive support in one price point. Global hours of operation optimized to benefit customers around the world. Experienced sales teams with expertise in EMM/UEM solutions. Two-tiered IT support system to guarantee quick partner support.

Main Functions

  • Centralized Management
    A Centralized Web Console to manage devices and control multiple platforms with ease.

  • Simplified Device Enrollment
    Streamline device enrollment for Android, Apple and Windows Devices.

  • Kiosk Mode
    Enable Single or Multi App mode, restrict users with limited applications and functions.

  • Silent Installation
    Deploy and upgrade applications on devices without interactions. Improve user experience and increase productivity.

  • File Deployment
    Eliminate the needs for manual file distribution by SafeUEM's File Deployment.

  • Remote Control
    Diagnose, resolve device and application issues real-time through SafeUEM's Portal. Complete remote IT support.

  • Monitoring and Reporting
    SafeUEM's dashboard delivers an interactive, graphical summary of your enrolled devices, management operations and compliance.

  • Support SaaS and On-Premise Deployment
    SaaS or On-Premise deployment to simplify installation and configuration, allowing scalability with growing needs.

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