Enterprise Endpoint Management Platform

We are committed to providing intelligent management solutions for the enterprise mobility. We are focusing intelligent device management solutions, IOT innovation solutions, enterprise environmental protection and sustainable development solutions.

Business Vision

A group of passionate engineers are committed to the use of cutting edge technology and experience to create a new mobile information security future. In the past few years, we have noticed that more and more mobile devices have been used for government and enterprise offices. BYOD, COPE, and CYOD are increasing, but they are facing more and more security challenges at the same time. Using artificial intelligence and large data to improve mobile information security and mobile strategy planning will be the trend of future development.

Mobile Security

The artificial intelligence security platform opens the road to future mobile security. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are gradually redefining a mobile information security solution for industry customers.

Health Care

Degital health record, mobile nursing, remote diagnosis enhanced the capability of hospital, mobile solution make the hospital data flow realtime and accurate.


With the rapid development of mobile Internet, the integrated solution of BYOD, CYOD and COPE device integration is seamlessly connected with the business system and management process of enterprises, enabling remote assistance, remote management and batch management of mobile devices.


O2O is very chanllenging in retail industory, management of supply chain and partner sale activity. we enhanced the capability of each device, manage the device security and O2O application, data and files.


Massive amount of mobile devices are being used in logistic enterprise.Big chanllenge of device management and reduce management expense. we provide full life cycle device management from deployment,monitoring, security to support.

School and Educational

Smart classroom, reversing classroom and other new teaching methods bring new learning experience to students, we provided teaching equipment management and student behavior management solutions, and solve all potential problems such as application Internet access, silent application upgrade and other device management issues.