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Deploy, monitor, secure & manage Android and iOS devices with an industry-ready kiosk software to improved efficiency & heightened employee productivity.

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Extensive Multi-Platform Kiosk Solution
Turn your device into a kiosk. SafeUEM work as kiosk lockdown software, securing your device into a kiosk or purposed device. SafeUEM serves as a custom launcher and allows you to limit the apps you can run as well as the websites you can view.
For Android
Android Kiosk Mode refers to transforming Android devices into dedicated purpose devices. You can set up kiosk mode on Android devices by locking down the device and allow the users to access only certain approved applications.
For iOS
Make off-the-shelf iPhones and iPads into high-quality kiosks for customers and employees with iPadOS and iOS remote management capabilities.
Kiosk Software for Dynamic Business Needs
Gain total control of your company-devices with our kiosk management solution and enable your IT admins to manage devices in real-time.
Single App Mode
Run any Application/Website in Single App Mode even when the device reboots.
Multi App Mode
Customize UI of terminal to display the necessary APPs only.
App whitelist
Only allow specific APPs to be installed on the device.

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About SafeUEM

SafeUEM has grown to be the leading company in IOT/Unified Endpoint Management.

Since its inception, SafeUEM has served customers in over 20 countries with a myriad endpoints, including smartphones, laptops, rugged devices, POS, digital signage, etc.

Our mission is to provide a high ROI and easy-to-use endpoint management platform with enhanced Artificial Intelligence capacity to achieve success with customers together.

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