SafeUEM Product

Fulfill Enterprise management requirements through one platform.

Focus on unified endpoints solution to help businesses realize the value

proposition and data security of mobile devices.

Simplified Enrollment

Provide multiple easy-to-use methods to help mobile devices get enrolled safely and quickly

Android Zero-touch

Android zero-touch enrollment is a streamlined way to automatically enroll supported devices on Android 8.0+ into Systems Manager. During initial setup, devices will automatically download and install Systems Manager and initiate the fully managed device provisioning method. This allows for quick and easy mass deployment of company-owned devices, making it simple for end users receiving these devices to seamlessly enroll in device management out of the box.

QR Code/URL based enrollment

All users associated with the specified Group ID may enroll their device through QR Code enrollment. .End-users can scan the QR code or visit the URL for enrollment.

Serial Number based enrollment

Add CSV serial numbers of Android devices to SafeUEM's dashboard. Register Devices with Serial Numbers, MAC Addresses, and Vendor IDs.

ROM based enrollment

Integrate the SafeUEM agent and policy into customized ROM.

IMEI based enrollment

Upload IMEI number of Android mobile devices to our dashboard and apply policies on all on line devices.

Comprehensive Application and Content Management

Assist businesses to manage APPs and data to improve security and productivity

Accessible through Google Play Store and Apple Store

SafeUEM could pick authorized applications on Google or Apple APP stores to install and update for managed devices.

Enterprise APP Store

SafeUEM can help customers to build delicate enterprise app stores to only contain the applications approved by the company.

Silent Installation

SafeUEM allows administrator to install or delete applications on managed devices without notice.

Total File Synchronization

Allow files on server side to be downloaded in order to managed devices and keep updated once the original file is changed.

File deletion on Device

Delete specific files on managed devices in a bulk.

Powerful Remote Monitoring

Achieve in-depth remote monitoring and control of managed devices

Remote Control Features for all linked Devices

Administrator can view and operate the desktop of managed devices.

Positioning and Geo-fence

Locate location of managed devices and trigger alarms if devices are out of a pre-defined geographical range.

Remote Setting Devices

Remotely configure settings to managed devices, including Wi-Fi, GPS, Bluetooth, Camera, messages sending, etc.

File Management

Can manage the files in Android system and transfer the files in the system as needed.

Full-Fledged Security Functions

Provide robust security features to protect devices, applications and network connections


Customized desktop and UI Design that can be deployed on fully managed devices.


Set policies to block devices or applications from accessing the Internet.

Safe Browser / URL Blacklist & Whitelist

Limit the access of websites through our URL blacklist or whitelist for virus-free browsing.

APP Blacklist & Whitelist

Blacklist or whitelist applications to block installation of unsecured and illegal APPs.

Remote Wipe / APP un-installation

Remote delete data and APPs from manage devices.

Enterprise folder

The data in the enterprise folder is encrypted and hidden in the system. When the employee leaves, the data in the enterprise folder can be deleted directly.

Complete Assets Management

Provide detailed information of devices within your fleet. Run report to easily analize problematic devices

Detailed Device Information

Display device information on SafeUEM's dashboard, including battery, memory, power, mac, IMEI/SN etc.

Comprehensive Asset Report

Generate CSV file of managed devices for in depth analysis.

Device online

Check whether the device is online to understand the usage of the device.

Installed Application report

Collect the application installation in the device, and manage the application of the device.

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About SafeUEM

SafeUEM has grown to be the leading company in IOT/Unified Endpoint Management.

Since its inception, SafeUEM has served customers in over 20 countries with a myriad endpoints, including smartphones, laptops, rugged devices, POS, digital signage, etc.

Our mission is to provide a high ROI and easy-to-use endpoint management platform with enhanced Artificial Intelligence capacity to achieve success with customers together.

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